Solid Gold Stems

"There are things that I do, like little rituals, when I masturbate," said Amy, a tall and curvy redhead in stockings. "I mean, I could just rub on my pussy and cum and that would be it, but I like to build up to my release. It makes it better for me. For starters, I like to wear my favorite denier stockings. They are gold and shiny. Then, I put on some vintage lingerie and pour myself a drink so I can relax.

"I like to look at myself in the mirror, too. When I spread my thighs and the light catches the shimmer in my stockings, I feel beautiful. I like to dress up at the end of my long day, too. It makes me feel sexy. I am a ballet dancer, and my practice sessions can go for hours. When I get home, my legs are sore and tired. So, I usually start my masturbation sessions by stretching out my legs. The muscles in the legs, from the calves to the thighs, play a big part in helping me reach orgasm, so stretching them heightens my arousal. I make sure that I extend my legs and then point my toes, making my foot's arch very prominent. Then I start rubbing my legs at the ankles and work my way up, slowly, digging my fingers into my flesh.

"The mesh of my stockings is so silky and fine that it feels like heaven to the touch. Over and over, I massage my fingertips over the silky fabric, working my hands towards my thighs, parting them ever so slightly until I feel the cool air on my wet pussy. Then I lay back and place my hand on my pussy lips. That's when I am ready to slide a finger or two inside."

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Featuring: Ami Emerson
Date: July 1st, 2024
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