"I have a lot of fantasies about being taken by a stranger. I imagine that I walk into my house and it's dark, and then all of a sudden there are hands all over my body and a voice commanding me to obey and take my clothes off. Just thinking about it excites me. Then, once I am naked, the stranger ties my still-warm pantyhose around my eyes and stuffs the rest into my mouth and commences to dominate and fuck me all over my house. I wouldn't say I am totally submissive, but I will say that I enjoy being dominated. And not just by men. One of my most erotic memories involves a female professor I knew in college. She stripped me of all my clothing and fucked me with her high heel in an empty lecture hall. The loss of control to her thrilled me."
Featuring: Bailey Brooks
Date: August 27th, 2008
Photos: 75

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