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Bared And Bound

Featuring: Bailey Brooks
Date: August 27th, 2008
Photos: 75
"I have a lot of fantasies about being taken by a stranger. I imagine that I walk into my house and it's dark, and then all of a sudden there are hands all over my body and a voice commanding me to obey and take my clothes off. Just thinking about it excites me. Then, once I am naked, the stranger ties my still-warm pantyhose around my eyes and stuffs the rest into my mouth and commences to dominate and fuck me all over my house. I wouldn't say I am totally submissive, but I will say that I enjoy being dominated. And not just by men. One of my most erotic memories involves a female professor I knew in college. She stripped me of all my clothing and fucked me with her high heel in an empty lecture hall. The loss of control to her thrilled me." .

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