Hitchhiking Hussy

She wasn't the kind of girl who took big risks, but Brandon was tired of living out in the country and she wanted the adventure of big-city living. She wanted a taste of the finer things in life and knew she wasn't going to get it in her small hometown. So, she put on her best dress and packed up all of her things and hit the road.

Brandon's mother warned her that nice girls don't go around riding the bus without a proper chaperone, but Brandon knew she wouldn't be riding the bus. She was going to get her kicks while the getting was good and she was going to get to the city by being a hitchhiking hussy!

With her best stockings taut around her firm thighs, Brandon hiked her dress up and threw her leg out as soon as she heard a truck rumbling down the deserted country road she had been sitting in for an hour. The truck stopped and the man behind the wheel asked her, "Where you headed, sugar?" to which she replied, "Wherever you're going," and hopped in. That's when he said, "We are goin' pretty far, darling," and put his hand on her thigh. "I sure hope so," she replied with a grin and spread her legs wide open to reveal that she wasn't even wearing panties!
Featuring: Brandon Jes
Date: July 3rd, 2024
Photos: 84

Member Comments

I would love feel her soft nylon soles on my face

That brown eyes getting jealous

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