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Motel Seductress

Featuring: Claudia Downs and Jarrod Steed
Date: April 23rd, 2018
Photos: 40
Who would possibly keep Claudia waiting? Seeing her legs wrapped in those delicious black pantyhose is just too much to bear. And when we see she's got no underwear underneath, it's like she's trying to torture us! That's alright.. Claudia's friend comes over right away to take care of what we wish we could be doing to her now. She's a silent seductress, commanding only with glances, and he knows just what to do. Licking her shoes, then slowly taking them off her perfect, hose-covered feet, he gives us a perfect view of her soles. We can see her dainty, red toenails peeking out from behind the nylon as she teases his cock with her foot and then brings it down to allow him to sniff and taste her aroma. Once both shoes are off, it's time to suck a little cock. "I'm not submissive by any means, but I absolutely love to suck and command a man's cock. Nothing gets me wetter!" she tells us, and we definitely believe it. Her stud's cock just slides right in after that, and we're granted excellent views of her pink pussy through her ripped gusset as well as her shapely legs and feet.

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