Teasing Toe Tricks

Teasing Toe Tricks

"I do all sorts of tricks for the horny leg and shoe men in my life. I know that they like to watch my toned dancer's legs contort into all sorts of positions and that they love it when I grip props with my feet. So I line them all up in a room, about three or four of them, and I put on a foot variety show of sorts for them while they watch and beat their hard dicks!" said Genie Onyx.

"I was a ballerina for many years, so I have very strong calves and thighs, not to mention that the arches of my feet are very high, and when I squeeze them together, I can grip anything very hard. My voyeurs like to imagine that I grip their cocks in the tight grasp of my feet. So I play with little balls and different oblong shaped things because I know that it turns them on. It really turns me on, too!"
Featuring: Genie Onyx
Date: May 20th, 2024
Photos: 40

Member Comments

What a woman! You are gorgeous Genie. So damn sexy!! Mmmmmm

Sexy calves

What an ass !!!!

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