Lewd Librarian

Lewd Librarian

Gia Giancarlo is a ball-breaking, man-hating bitch of a boss that presides over her business with an iron fist. Well, at least that is what her subordinates used to think. So they would call her the Ice Queen and whisper behind her back. They all cowered in her presence and no one dared to question her authority. That is, until the day she caught the new mail clerk staring at her legs. "What the fuck are you doing?" she screamed at him. "Get back to work!" But she could tell that her authority didn't impress him and it shook her reserve, exciting her. Her pussy became moist. No one had ever dared to defy her and the idea of this underling having power over her was turning her on. She began to wear shorter skirts to the office and bright-colored shoes to draw his eye to her peds and her thighs. It worked and she could sense when he was staring at her. It made her pussy throb that he didn't see her authority as something to fear. She would drop things in front of him and command him to…

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Featuring: Gia Giancarlo and J Mac
Date: November 13th, 2023
Photos: 30

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Outstanding milf, missed the black rht nylons.

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