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Classic And Captivating

Featuring: Gianna Rossi
Date: May 6th, 2009
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"Sometimes feeling constricted can make me hornier and wetter than usual and really enhances my sexual experience," says porn goddess, Gianna Rossi. "That's why lately I've been obsessed with vintage girdles. They squeeze and hold me so tight that I feel just a bit breathless. And when I am at the peak of my orgasm and gasping for air, being bound and held snug by my girdle makes my orgasm even more intense and I love it." "I'm not the only one who appreciates vintage lingerie. I have met many an older man while shopping at different vintage stores who has quietly slipped me his number and asked that I give him a private show. I find that older gentlemen don't want to be fucked so much as they want to be seduced. I appreciate the building of anticipation, too. Sometimes, just knowing that the man watching me unsnap my garter or unhook my corset is getting off on the idea of seeing my body makes me cum on the spot.".

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