Ripe in Stripes

"Don't be afraid to ask for what you want," says Czech beauty, Jana. "I used to be very timid, and I was in the employment of a rich lawyer. I was his secretary, and he would constantly berate my appearance and make me feel so hideous. One day, I was crying at my desk and one of his colleagues came to me and asked me what he could do to help me. I told him that I wanted to be beautiful, and he told me that he would help me discover my beauty. My life changed then.

"The change in me happened almost overnight. I remember coming into the office in my beautiful stockings and heels and feeling so confident that my boss choked on his coffee when he saw me. I walked straight up to him and told him that I quit, and he couldn't believe it. Now I work for his colleague who helped me. He is my boss by day and my lover at night. It's heavenly."
Featuring: Jana
Date: April 21st, 2024
Photos: 52

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