"How are you feeling today, my poor patient? It's too bad you are under the weather, but I promise to take good care of you today," says extra-horny, cock caregiver, Kitty. "I thought you might enjoy a sponge bath because something tells me you might be feeling extra dirty today. Are you? Maybe I should check your temperature. Lie still while I straddle you, pull your pants off and then put your hard cock all the way into my mouth. Wait, isn't that how everyone takes a temperature? Now that I've tasted and tested your most vital organ, maybe you should replenish your fluids. You need extra vitamin K, so maybe I should rub my pretty pussy on your face so you can drink your fill of my sweet cream? You know what they say; exercise is key if you want to be in good health. How about you slide that big cock of yours between my toes and feet until you shoot a hot load all over them? Of course, I'll clean it all up with my mouth, because I run a sterile ward! I can see the color returning to your face. See? Under my care you're improving already."
Featuring: Kitty Langdon
Date: September 10th, 2008
Photos: 80

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