Spanish Fly

"I grew up in Puerto Rico and went to an all-girls' school. I'd have to wear a dowdy uniform and clunky shoes and hated it. On the weekends, I'd sneak into town dressed in scandalous outfits, high heels and garter belts. It felt so good to be bad!" Lizzy said.

"I learned right away that when I wore silky, shiny stockings and sexy garters, the men in town would pay attention to me, and I loved it! They would drop whatever it was they were doing and just stare at me and whistle. Their loud catcalls would make my pussy throb. I secretly wished that one of them would pull my panties down, bend me over and lick my ass right there.

"Eventually, I managed to lure one of the older men in town into a local hotel with me. It was then that I discovered the joys of foot fucking. He was obsessed with my feet and would tease and lick my toes and rub his cock on my bare soles. It felt so wicked but oh, so good. I remember that he didn't want to take my virginity, so he would spend hours fucking my arches with his hard manhood. He loved it!"
Featuring: Lizzy Aguilar
Date: May 26th, 2024
Photos: 42

Member Comments

Stunning lady. Magnificent ass.

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