Soaked Seams

"I went on holiday with my lover and he never let me leave the room of our five-star hotel. He's my employer and this is the first time that he has taken me for a getaway. I thought that he would take me to see the sights, but instead, he dressed me in different outfits that he wanted to see (and ravish) me in.

"My employer/lover is so obsessed with silky stockings that he has me wear different pairs throughout the day and even asked me to sit in the tub and soak with this pair on. Then he disrobed and had me run the wet, reinforced heels over his stiff cock. The feeling of the wet, grainy mesh sent him over the edge and soon he was shooting hot cum all over my feet. Some women might mind being viewed as an object of desire, but not me. I enjoy being his living doll that he can dress up in all the outfits he fancies. He might keep me locked away in the confines of this room, but he sets me free by feeding into our mutual lust and passion. He may be stern, but no one can make me feel as wanton, wild and sexy as he does when he makes love to my peds."
Featuring: Maria
Date: June 1st, 2024
Photos: 75

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