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Glass Lass

Featuring: Rachel
Date: July 10th, 2014
Photos: 50
Let's take our hands off our cocks for just a second and give a round of applause to Rachel Rain, our newest Leg Sex model. She's a Southern belle from the great state of Texas, but that doesn't mean she's riding bucking broncos. "I'm very much a sophisticated lady. Growing up, my friends would get down and dirty in the mud with the boys, and I would sometimes join them, but I preferred putting on my best outfit and pretending to model. I guess I haven't changed much. Here I am!" This attire isn't strange for Rachel. It's what she wears every day. "Nothing is sexier to me than feeling a silky slip around my body, swooshing against my lotioned thighs and the tops of my stockings. I love feeling my nylon-covered feet slipping into a tight, glossy pair of heels. When all that's put together I feel so confident and sexy." Don't forget to send some love to Rachel's feet.

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