Sweet Feet

"I am dressed up like a sweet girl because I have lots of sugary treats for your mouth. I want you to open wide and taste my lollipop. I want it to make your lips and tongue very sugary. Then, I am going to slip my shoe and my little sock off and I am going to slide my foot in your mouth, too," says Svetlana.

"Get my foot nice and sticky in your candy-coated mouth. But I don't want you to enjoy my dainty little delicacies all by yourself. I prefer if you share my fancy feet with a friend. I want both of your mouths latched on to my little piggies and I want you to lick them furiously until you make me cum. My soles are so sensitive to the touch that just some light rubbing, loving or licking from a foot-worshiping mouth can give me multiple orgasms. In fact, I often take my shoes off and rub my feet on the carpet just so that I can cum. I enjoy being a little bit of a foot slut and indulging in lots of foot-play."
Featuring: Svetlana Kozlov
Date: June 3rd, 2024
Photos: 62

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