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Classic Curves

"I think that women should be soft and feminine and should dress to catch a man's attention," says vintage vixen, Valory. "I take time with my appearance. When I pick out my outfit, I pay special attention to my stockings, my garter and my heels. Because I know men like the way they look. When I go out, I like to dress up in pretty dresses with silky lingerie underneath. I wear stockings or pantyhose. I would never leave the house with naked legs! And I never wear flats. I wear pretty and sexy high heels everywhere I go. I prefer the way that high heels make my calves look and push my breasts up and outward.

"I think it's important to always look your best because you never know who it is that you will meet when you are out and about. When I walk down the street, of course men whistle at me and try to get my attention. I never discourage them. I enjoy that they appreciate my body and my style. That is why I dress the way that I do. I smile in their direction, maybe I flash them a little bit of my thigh and feign that I am just adjusting my stockings. You don't have to show a man too much, because they have wild imaginations! For me, it is about stimulating their eyes.

"Once, I met a man in a cafe who owned a shoe boutique and he offered me free shoes if I came to his shop and modeled some new styles that had come in. I agreed, and when I showed up at his shop, there were hundreds of strappy sandals, stilettos and boots for me to choose from. I tried on a few pairs for him and paraded around his showroom for his enjoyment. I knew that he wanted to watch me because my legs and feet beguiled him. I gave him quite a show. And once he was worked up, I put my foot right on his hard-on and told him that I needed a massage. I am sure he came in his pants while he massaged me."
Featuring: Valory Irene
Date: July 17th, 2024
Photos: 40

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