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Blushing Rose

Margarita Rose is a spicy, tiny Latina (She is only 5' tall!) who sports size six feet and loves bondage play. Here, we see this caramel kink-queen in lace-up, red sandals and bare legs.

"I love sandals that lace up the calf because I like the pressure of the laces on my legs. I usually tie them extra-tight so that the laces mark my legs up. It stings a little, but pain is pleasure for me. I am looking for a man who understands that and can squeeze my feet together and hold them tightly while he fucks them with his stiff cock."

Watch as this little siren in scarlet lingerie masturbates while playing with her feet. You'll be glad you did. Read More »
Featuring: Margarita Rose
Duration: 13:03

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