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Control Top Cutie

Maya Hills is a pretty, young thing with toned, taut, long legs that are showcased in nude pantyhose. She likes to masturbate around the house, and one of her new, favorite turn-ons is to walk around in naughty lingerie and shredded hose. "I get so excited that I need to touch my pussy right then and there, and the sound of ripping hose excites me. When my nails cause my hose to run, it makes my pussy wet. I like the idea of being so savage and wild with something so delicate. If I ever find a hose-loving sex slave, I am going to ask him to shred my pantyhose and then eat my pussy. I may even want to cover his cock in my shredded hose so I can get fucked with them on his dick!" Read More »
Featuring: Maya Hills
Date: April 6th, 2024
Duration: 17:45

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