Motel Voyeur

When Bailey Brooks checked into the infamous Motel Voyeur she knew that it was the place to watch and be seen by the most ardent of leg lovers and foot fuckers around. So it's no mystery how she found herself in a torrid three-way with these two misfits. In fact, when Bailey happened upon them, J-Mac was delusional with a fever and she sat back and watched the sweat coat his body while she smoked, resting for the task of curing his ailment by milking his turgid cock all over her warm peds. Something about having two men at once appealed to Bailey's ego and need to be worshiped at all times. She immediately let both men stroke her sensitive soles with their hands and tongues so that she could become moist and ready to accept them into her core. Knowing that there were loads of tribute to come, she kept her seamed stockings on. She wanted them coated in cum so that she could smell them later and touch herself to the memory of both of her lovers roughly groping her willing body.

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Featuring: Bailey Brooks, J Mac, and Jarrod Steed
Date: June 19th, 2023
Photos: 50

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