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Cum With Permission

Featuring: Christina Cross and Levi Cash
Date: July 25th, 2008
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When Christina comes home early one day, she catches her man sprawled out on the couch watching foot-job porn and checking out dirty magazines. He tries to hide his erect penis and act ashamed, but that does nothing to quell her fury. How dare he waste her tribute? How dare he spill one drop of his seed without her permission? Obviously he needs to be taught a lesson, but what's a busy career woman to do? Punish that dirty man and mash his cock with her nylon-covered feet, of course. Not to fear, Christina knows how to milk a cock, too, and she forgives this little pervert by letting him tear the feet out of her hose and stroke his cock. She lets him cum on the back of her hose-covered thighs, too. .

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