"Once, a long time ago, a stupid man broke my heart. But it was the best thing that ever happened to me, because on that day, I vowed to never again give myself completely to a man. Instead, I made sure that men gave themselves to me, and that has been my game ever since. Now I have a vast assortment of silly boy-toys that I tease and trample in exchange for lavish gifts and cunnilingus. If I'm feeling very frisky I will put on high heels and literally walk all over my lover and rub his cock until he cums on my pretty shoes. Once he has unloaded onto my pumps, I let the jizz drip all over my legs like honey and tell him to lick it off. As his tongue traces the curves of my legs, he moves up, slowly inching towards my eager, wet crotch. He's had his orgasm, and now he must give me mine...more than once."
Featuring: Sarka
Date: January 14th, 2009
Photos: 80

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