Stretching In Socks

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Stretching In Socks

Lacey Daniels knows the importance of a good stretch. She's been a cheerleader, a gymnast, a runner and a tennis player. Now she's showing off some of her favorite yoga poses while giving us a glimpse of her tasty pussy. From backbends to half moons, Lacey's incredibly flexible, plus she's also got amazing legs, cute feet and a great ass. Show us more!

Although you might not realize it from her sweet looks, Lacey also has a naughty side. "I'm a fairly adventurous woman; I'll try just about anything once. I guess that's why I didn't freak out when one guy I was seeing told me he had a leg and foot fetish. I loved standing over him, dipping my toes in his eager mouth and smooshing his face down with my soles. I think this is what made me realize I was more of a domme in the bedroom than I ever knew before. I even like to talk dirty while I give foot jobs, stopping from time to time and telling them not to cum until I say it's okay." Read More »
Featuring: Lacey Daniels
Date: February 15th, 2024
Duration: 15:30

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